Why are there more white sugar cubes than brown sugar cubes?

Because demerera

Two girls were laughing at my ringtone in college.

So I played that at their funeral.(Sorry for bad English)

Bit of a gen Z joke here:

VSCO ice cream vendors be like “and I scOOP!”

What is Donald Trump’s favorite dessert?

Im-Peach Cobbler

How does a half-American half-Canadian person deal with a home intruder?

Shoot first, apologize later

What did Princess Peach say to President Trump?

Im peach

Him: All my female sheep ate some fermented berries and have gotten drunk and passed out, should I tell the coroner?

Her: No, that’s a ewe problem; not a ME problem.

What comes before part B?


Wife: I’m pregnant

Husband: Hi pregnant, I’m DadWife: No you’re not

I was sitting on the toilet for an hour. Wondering why I’m still on it

When it hit me that time goes by in a flush.