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My favorite Finnish joke

Pekka is at a party in a tall building in the great city of Helsinki, which is quite different from the small timber cabin in the forest he is used to as a lumberjack. Pekka is enjoying the party, but after a few bottles of the moonshine he brought, Pekka finds himself in the need of a toilet. He asks the hostess where the toilet might be located. She notices he’s a bit drunk, so she points and explains very carefully: “Go out in the hall there, take the second door on your right, and be careful, there are three steps down, and there you’ll find the toilet.” Pekka thanks the lady as politely as he can, and wanders off in the opposite direction. He finds a door, slams it open, and walks straight in without a care in the world, and finds himself tumbling down 17 meters in an empty elevator shaft. A bit confused, he stands up, brushes some dust off his shirt, and exclaims: “Pärkälä! I’ll pee here! I can’t be bothered with two more steps like that!”