Joe is being plagued by terrible headaches.One day,after years of suffering,he decides to see a headache specialist.The doctor tells Joe to strip ,inspects him all over and announces that he has found the cause of the headaches.”Your testicles are pressing against the base of your spine” says the doctor “The pressure builds up and you get an excruciating headache”. Joe is appalled.”Is there anything I can do about it?”He asks.” “I’m afraid I have bad news.I have to get rid of the testicles”answers the doctor. Joe considers the pros and cons of a life without balls and sex.But then he thinks about the agony of his daily headaches and goes for the snip He comes round from the operation and leaves the hospital.Walking down the street he smiles as he realises that his headaches are gone.To celebrate,He decides to treat himself to some new clothes.He makes his way to a top tailors.Inside the tailor’s he asks to see a pair of pants.The tailor looks at Joe and says”You’ll need a 36 inch waist,33 inch inside leg.” Joe is amazed at the accuracy of the tailor and he asks for a shirt”That’ll be a 42 inch chest and a 16 inch neck.”The tailor says.Joe is once again stunned by his accuracy.Finally all that is left to buy is a pair of underpants.”36?” asks the tailor. “No sorry I’m a 34 “says”Joe”I have worn a 34 since I was 18.” This is not possible” frowns the tailor”If a man of your size wore a size 34,the underwear would press his testicles into the base of his spine causing the most horrific headaches”