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– A young Arab boy asks his father “What is that strange hat you are wearing??”

The father said: “Why, my son, it is a ‘chechia.’ In the desert it protects our heads from the intense heat of the sun.””And what is the long flowing robe you are wearing?” asked the boy.“Oh, my son!” exclaimed the father “It is very simple. This is a ‘djbellah.’ As I have told you, in the desert it is not only very hot, but the sand is always blowing. My djbellah protects the entire body.”The son then asked: “But Father, what about those ugly shoes you have on your feet?””These are ‘babouches’ my son,” the father replied. You must understand that although the desert sands are very beautiful, they are also extremely hot. These babouches keep us from burning our feet.””So tell me then,” added the boy.”Yes, my son…””Why are we living in Birmingham and still wearing all this bollocks?