On his first night in his cell block he heard other inmates shout what seemed like random numbers, and everyone started laughing. This went on for a while but he couldn’t make sense of itThe next day he asked another inmate:What’s with all the numbers they shouted last night? Why were you guys laughing?Some of us have been here for a long time and decided to number our jokes so we don’t have to tell the whole thing every time, everyone knows which ones are which. You’ll learn!At night a few days later he decided to partake. He waited for a lull in the laughter and shouted “eighty-five”!The whole place went crazy! People were crying with laughter, some even fainted!Confused with the reaction, he asked the guy in the next cell:What the hell just happened? Still giggling the inmate answered:You’re a funny guy, we never heard that one before!