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3 Men On An Island

3 friends were stranded on an island. After walking for hours, the 3 men. were found by a tribe that lived deep in the woods of the island. The tribe tie them up as prisoners and take them to the village. When they arrive, the 3 men are taken into the chief’s hut.Chief: “You 3 are now sacrifices for my tribe. But, if you each can go and bring back 10 of one kind of fruit, I will spare each who does.” The 3 men set off to find their fruit.The first man returns shortly with 10 apples.The chief then tells him, “Now that you have brought me 10 fruit, you must shove them up your ass without making a sound, or else you will still be sacrificed.”The man gets 3 apples in before he starts crying from pain. He is stabbed and killed by the chief.The second man returns with 10 grapes. The chief tells him the same thing. The man gets 9 grapes in before he starts laughing. He is then stabbed by the chief as well.Then the first man asks the second in heaven, “Why did you laugh?? You only had one more grape and then you’d be free!”The second man says, “I thought I had it too until I saw the last guy walk in with 10 pineapples.”