My cousin has dark hair. His wife is blonde. All four of their kids have light colored hair.

Genetically speaking, there’s a 15 in 16 chance that she’s cheating.

Honestly people can be so thick sometimes…
The real game changer!
Now that the divisive Star Wars Sequel Trilogy has ended, what are some Sequels from any media that worked better?
What are some not so subtle signs you are involved in a toxic relationship?
Satechi – We’ve got your home office essentials ✔️
I just released my new rock album. It cools down the room.


Why does Milton Keynes have so many roundabouts?

It’s so that if you’re driving into Milton Keynes, you can easily turn around, and then you won’t be driving into Milton Keynes any more.

I think it’s fair to say my Aunt Bessie has a drinking problem.

She thinks I’m twins.

Why was the clock on the pillow?

Someone hit the snooze button!