A husband and wife sit down for a serious discussion.
The husband holds his wife’s hand and says “I know I haven’t been the best husband, but I need you to know I love you, and something serious is going to happen.”
The wife curiously asks “what’s going to happen?”
The husband starts to cry and says “I’m going to die, the doctor has given me 4 months to live.”
The wife laughs and slaps her husband’s hand and says “you’re going to be just fine” then stands up and walks away.
The husband stays sitting there, heartbroken and confused.
4 months pass by and the doctor says the man is in great health and is amazed at how well he is doing. During the appointment, the doctor looks over to the wife and says “it’s an absolute miracle! Your husband is going to live a long full life, he told me you were acting normal as usual and weren’t distraught in the slightest. Tell me, did you know this was going to happen?

The wife then nods and says “that bastard doesn’t do anything he says he’s going to.”