The doctors have given him only a couple of days to live and he no longer has even the strength to stand on his own. He lays in bed, thinking back on his life – his children, his parents, and his beautiful wife of 55 years. As he lays there, remembering the good times, he begins to feel himself drifting to sleep for what would probably be the last time.Just as his mind begins to wander into sleep, he suddenly gets drawn back out by a familiar smell. He quickly sits up in bed, trying to place this aroma. Invigorated by its scent, he musters all his strength and manages to lift himself up out of bed and over to his walker. He slowly walks through the house towards the fragrance, its familiarity boosting his strength with each step.As he rounds the corner, he sees a large tray of freshly baked cookies – cookies his wife hasn’t made in over a decade. He reaches out to grab one, and just as he’s about to touch the top cookie, a hand swats his away from the plate.He looks up to see his wife standing there, snarling at him. She says:”Those are for the funeral!”

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