I talk to my GF who was murdered, I sit by myself and talk to her about how I feel and the happy good times I had in her company. I have no idea why I do that, but tonight she answered. I was sitting alone in the dark listening to our favourite song. Dignity by Deacon blue. (She loved that song. I could never understand it) and she answered! Am I going mad? Is talking out loud to your dead loved one madness? Or is it I heard her voice? It was not in my mind I heard it! It was round me She said:”let go”. Why would I hear that? Of all the things she could say to me why “let go”? I don’t want to let go; I want her in my life. I want to see her face and see her blue eyes. She was my Galway girl. Am I going mad? Has my darkness finally taken over me? I want to hear her again it only lasted seconds. But 3 seconds I smiled .should I let go of her; or dose she mean let go of life, or my pain? What do I do?

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