And as I was ordering some of their tasty chicken, the door swung hard suddenly with a loud bang, and lo and behold, in comes the Pope to everyone’s surprise!All of us in the restaurant turned and looked at him, swaggering his way proudly into the restaurant, cuts the whole damn queue, pushed me aside and bang his hand onto the cashiers.“I want a 3 piece, spicy and ….boneless” says the Pope.“Erm…….. Yes! Sure!” says the cashier. “And what drinks would you like sir?”“Red wine I will have.” says the Pope.“Erm…….. Yes! Sure!” says the cashier. “Is there anything else sir?”“I want it all free of charge and I want it fast like within 3 mins.” demands the Pope.“Erm…….. Yes! Sure! I’ll prepare your order right away.” says the cashier.And off he goes getting the Pope’s order ready. 3 pieces of chicken, and as he is deboning them, another guy is running off to get some red wine. Within 3 mins, the cashier hands over 3 pieces of deboned chicken and a glass of red wine filled to the brim to the Pope.“I’m sorry to keep you waiting sir, here’s your order. Please enjoy!” says the cashier.

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