The first sailor, with a smug look on his face, haughtily walks up to the captain and says “Obviously it’s RRRRRRR!”. The captain slowly shakes his head and says “RRRRRR you kidding me?” before throwing the sailor overboard to the sharks. The second sailor, a little wary now but still feeling confident that he has the right answer, walks up and says “I-I cap’n!”. The captain slowly shakes his head and says “I lost my eye long ago boy” before shooting him out of a cannon. A third sailor, now very wary, but seeing no way of escape, slowly walks up and says “Well cap’n, a pirate loves his treasure, and on his treasure maps it’s an X that marks the spot.” The captain considers this for a moment, then slowly shakes his head and says “That might be true boy, but my ex stole my treasure long ago” before skewering the sailor with his sword. Thinking for sure that no one must have the answer, the captain gives the signal for his crew to throw the rest of the sailors overboard and turns around to walk away. Suddenly, from the crowd, he hears a small voice cry out “Captain! Above all else, a pirate loves the C.” With a grin on his face, the captain turns around and says “That’s exactly right! But who said that?”. Out of the crowd comes the young boy who was the deck hand, who says “It was I, captain”. Suddenly, a gunshot is heard and the boy falls over, dead. The captain, holding a smoking pistol says “No boy, not I! C! I just said that!”

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